What You Should Know Before Buying A Bicycle

Bicycles as what its named for is a bike with two wheels and the most common one. It has been one of the oldest means of transportations and is still pretty much around today and used for various purposes like sports, recreation and even just a stroll in the town. One of the reasons why its still very popular today is because biking is fun, its a sport and it’s a skill that’s always been very fun and useful to have.

With all the commotion about environmental pollution, bikes are even proposed in order to help solve such problems. Because with bikes there’s no pollution, that is the reason why you’re seeing a lot of groups pushing for bicycles more in the streets. And quite frankly, a bike is one of the best solutions, think about it, there’s no pollution and you get to exercise. The problem would be, if that would be the case is that there will be more people that will participate in various races and contests with bikes. Can you imagine an Ironman with double the number of contestants? If you plan to get a bike, you have to know what type of bike you want and need.

Buying A Bicycle

Vintage bikes: Vintage bikes are designed like the old bikes, they have bigger racks at the back and a basket at the front. Its still around today since its reliable and there are places to place your things aside from a bag. It’s a good everyday bike, great for strolls and suburb transportation.

Tricycle bikes: Tricycle bikes are considered as beginner bikes since there are two wheels at the back which supports balance. If you’re handicapped or something and you need more stability in order to ride a bike, a tricycle is a perfect choice.


Mountain Bikes: Mountain bikes are more sturdier and have more pronounced wheels. These types of bikes are built for rugged terrain and off-roading. You can even say that using these types of bikes in city streets is overkill.


Electric bikes: Electric bikes have been getting the popularity it deserves and this is because city bikes offer convenience. You will still need to paddle your bike in order to run, but once you do and once it picks up speed, it will make your bike run easier with less paddle. Think of it as a bike with cruise control.


Road bikes: Road bikes as what it states are bikes built for the road. These bikes are used by professionals to race and can be lighter so that it can go faster. These bikes are usually what you see in tour de France and Ironman.


Youth bikes: Youth bikes as what it states are for the kids to start learning how to balance and how to ride a bike. These things are a stepping stone for the people to realize their skills and talent in riding a bike. Some just stay with the skill that they have while some excel to be an athlete. It all starts with youth bikes.


There are various types of bikes for various needs, wants and preferences, it would be up to you what bike you will buy. And if you do, make sure to get a bike that is of high quality. There are still bikes today that are made of very high-quality materials but there are bikes that aren’t. If you’re looking for a good one, visit Progear bikes Melbourne.