Tips for Designing a Business Card

Before you design your business card remember that simple works best. Some entrepreneurs get caught up in designing fancy, expensive cards to make a positive first impression but building a clear and simple layout can help you make your point effectively. Use subtle colors and simple fonts to make the strongest impression on offline business prospects.

Clearly State Your Service State who you are and what you do to best help your business. Stress the benefits of what service you have to offer to increase the likelihood of attracting business prospects to you. If you are willing to be clear about how you can help your clients, you are far more likely to land increased business.

 Stop focusing on any features or awards you want to share and start concentrating on how your skills can benefit your target market. We go into business with any one individual or entity because we will be benefitted by the business in some way, shape or form. Make that benefit clear and easy to see if you want to effectively design your business cards.

Designing a Business Card

Simple Designs Work Well Using a clear, simple, easy to digest card design reduces the mental clutter experienced trying to absorb a busy, complex business card. As the classic idea states, simple is powerful. Simple designs help people see who you are and what you have to offer instead of cluttering their mind with unnecessary information or design patterns. Use a white background and subtle colors and designs to make your point. Keep people focused on what really matters; how what you do benefits them.

Keep Information to a Minimum State your name and title at a minimum to drill your point home. Add how what you offer helps your target audience if you want to make this product or service indelible in the minds of your audience. Post contact information including your office phone number, cell phone number, website and email address to open up channels of communication. You might include your Facebook profile or Fan Page, LinkedIn account and twitter account if you maintain a strong presence on the internet. Add no excess information. Be clear and to the point. Explain who you are, how you can help and share different channels through which you can be contacted to do business effectively.

Fine Tune over Time-based on the success of your offline marketing campaign you may need to tweak your business card from time to time. Obviously, you must change your contact information or job title depending on personal or professional changes in your life but you might need to adjust your design or overall layout if people are not responding favorably to your business card.

 Ask around for professional opinions concerning your card design. You might need to include less information, or jazz things up a bit, or maybe adopt a simpler design to resonate with your target audience. No matter your next step be proactive in fine tuning your business card to optimize your offline business marketing campaign.