Low Cost Startup Business Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of

Thousands of people in Britain each year decide to quit their day jobs and chase their dream of working for themselves by becoming an entrepreneur. Such an endeavor lets people shape their future and enable them to earn a comfortable living by offering fresh new products and services to the marketplace.

The trouble is, some people don’t really know what sort of business to set up! If you are an individual with valuable skills that you want to make use of by working for yourself but aren’t sure what industry to apply them to in your startup business, and you want to spend as little money as possible on such a venture, then you should check out these 5 business ideas that you probably never even thought of before

Bay shop Image via Flickr (Mike Knell) eBay is perhaps best known as one of the world’s most famous online auction sites, and the eBay UK website has at any one time up to 10 million items on sale. The booming eBay auction industry is worth around £2 billion a year, so with impressive figures like these it’s hard not to sell anything on their website!

Low Cost Startup Business Ideas

The auction site offers a subscription-based “shop” service which offers you a nice way of displaying your items for sale, and it offers you big discounts on seller fees. Used golf club sales Image via Flickr (saw)If you have a love of golf, then this is a perfect (and lucrative) enterprise to get involved in! People always want to buy the latest golf irons, putters, drivers and wedges, and will often sell their old and rather disheveled golf kit.

This is where you can cash in! You could buy their old golf equipment, strike up a deal with a local firm that refurbishes golf clubs by promising them x amount of clubs per month for a big discount, and then sell those golf clubs for a profit! Affiliate marketing Image via Flickr (P4BLoX) Another lucrative enterprise to get your teeth stuck into is affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the process of referring visitors from your website to an external website selling a particular product or service.

If your visitors buy something from the other website using your link, you will get some commission from the sale! You could perhaps set up a blog website talking about a subject you have vast expertise in, and in your blog posts put affiliate links for certain products or services related to your post.

Tuition Image via Flickr (Tulane Public Relations) Should you have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in a certain area, then you could put those skills and knowledge to good use by offering your services as a tutor! So for example if you are an awesome mathematician, then you could advertise your services as a math’s tutor for school children and adults looking to increase their knowledge on the subject.

Mobile car valeting Image via Flickr (Robert Couse-Baker) If you are physically fit and don’t mind doing a bit of hard graft then you should consider setting up a mobile car valeting business! If you are good, your clients will refer you to their friends, family members and work colleagues. You may wish to target your services towards a particular audience, such as the wealthy or car dealerships. These are just 5 out of loads of different low cost startup business ideas. For more ideas, check out the Unum blog!