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Getting To Know Gaylord Boxes And Its Uses

Most people may not know that there is a certain terms in the shipping industry and logistics forwarding industry that they might find odd or unusual. One of the most unusual names used by the people running the shipping industry is the term ‘Gaylord Box’.

Gaylord Box is the common term that is used in these industries for the past century. It refers to a certain type of box for shipping purposes of different products, items, and other valuables. Gaylord box is one of the many types of boxes that have its own terms used in the shipping and forwarding industry.

Gaylord box is basically a corrugated cardboard box that has a bulky size. Meaning, it is designed to store large items and products which allows being shipped on a pallet, or in a large or single container.

Gaylord Boxes

It was referred to as pallet-sized box before it was named Gaylord Box in the mid-1930’s erasing its generic name to make it easier to identify and remembered. This term is used as its trade name to identify its type. The name originated from an American container company, Gaylord Container Company which manufactures pallet-sized boxes to store tissue papers, antiseptics, and adhesive bandages. These boxes are corrugated and are easy to be identified that is why it earned its name.

Gaylord boxes are the names used in identifying medium to large corrugated cardboard boxes, pallet boxes, pallet containers, bulk boxes, bins, skid boxes and tote boxes.

This type of box has a handful of benefits for its users especially to different industries such as manufacturing, retailing and for consumers as well. It is proven to be sturdy and can last and re-used for a lot of times.

These boxes are built for heavy-duty purposes. It is designed to carry heavy items and products or anything that is put inside them. What makes Gaylord boxes is that it is recyclable to be used and reused repetitively. Although it is mainly designed for single usage, many consumers and industries tend to use it again and again for different purposes because of its durability.

One of the major recycling companies that buy and resells used Gaylord boxes is The Gaylord Box Exchange.

One of Gaylord Box Exchange’s most sought-after product is its cardboard pallet sheets. These type of sheets are used for commercial shipping. It is commonly made out of fiberboard which is corrugated. Some cardboard pallet sheets are made up of thin sheets of plastic with heavy laminated kraft paperboard to withstand the weight of its content. This is the modern wooden pallet boxes which are used in transporting goods, products and other items before

Slip sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets made of plastic, heavy laminated kraft paperboard, or corrugated fiberboard used in commercial shipping. Unlike wooden pallet boxes, cardboard pallet sheets are recyclable and can be used for many times.

Just like Gaylord boxes, cardboard pallet sheets use are also designed to be sturdy, easy to use and can store a heavy load in all sizes. It can be purchased in hard wares or supermarkets. It has various sizes that are designed for different purposes.