Business Loans In Texas

Every business need funding for various requirements from start up to production and you may not have enough funds in your accounts. You need money to keep your business running and cover upcoming expenses successfully. Your big business plans need big funding and you have to get business loans in Texas for it. Texas is one of largest state in U.S and own large business industry in millions.

There are various financial institutions, private and government, lending money, grants and other types of financial aid for small and large businesses. You need to find the best business loan according to your financial needs and situations but find out your needs and plans in advance. A loan can help you establishing a business or support in expanding from small to large.

Getting a business loan is not that easy but the right business loan may be more difficult for you. After deciding how much you need and for what purpose, start researching possible financing sources and what they require to provide loan. You should understand the pros and cons of various business loans.

Approval of business loans depends on many factors concerning your business condition, purpose of loan, annual revenue and how much time have passed since business startup. If your business is struggling, unsatisfactory credit and low annual income, it is hard to get business loan of your choice. On the other hand, with a flourishing business history, high credit score and high annual income then getting business loan is not hard for you.

Business Loans In Texas

Traditional banks and private lending companies are offering business loans in Texas. You can acquire specific information from Texas Governor’s office. The office guide to get loans, create jobs and help to strengthen the economy. This is local option for business men while other nationwide business loans are available too in wide range for different financing.

Local small business loan options in Texas includes:

  1. Business and Community Lenders (BCL) of Texas

This is a non-profit organization that provides entrepreneurship, financing, homeownership and community development assistance through the state. They offer different loan programs.

New Business Lending

Small and Diverse Growth Fund

Rural Business Lending

Business Growth Fund

SBA Loan

  1. People Fund

This is another non-profit lender for providing loan for undeserved entrepreneur communities like women, veterans, colored people and people living in low income areas.

  1. Business Investment Growth Austin (BIG Austin)


(BIG Austin) is a microlender that provides business loans for fresh and one-year businesses in many Texas communities. Besides other, their main requirement is that business men have second income other than this business, such as spousal income, part-time job or retirement savings.

  1. Texas Capital Bank Small Business Loans

Texas Banks offer big amount loans for further growing of businesses. They provide SBA loans, line of credit, term loans, equipment loans and trade finances for import and export businesses. This bank also provides asset-based financing in which inventory, equipment and accounts receivable can be used as collateral. They may give funds to real estate and brokers.

  1. Texas Trust Credit Union

This credit union provide SBA loans, term loans, real estate loans, construction loans and line of credit loans to its members.

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