Are The British Too Hooked On Comfort Food?

Whenever people found the words to describe it, comfort food will never become obsolete or forgotten. In fact, it is ageless, whenever you are sad, you eat, or to put it in the other way, there are certain foods that gives us solace as much as they give us energy, which of the comfort foods always deliver on that kind of promise. Does comfort food really soothe someone’s soul or just a mere imagination of an onset food comatose?

Comfort food has a lot of different meaning according to every country’s culture and one thing in mind that people feel whenever they eat their favorite comfort food. Although it is too obvious, they feel very comfortable. According to its definition, comfort food is anything that an individual person eats to feel better, and most comfort foods recipes are full of guilt; meaning it contains a lot of calories, usually sweets, salty, and fatty foods.

Each country has their own version of comfort foods and baked recipes that people from other countries may find it not suitable for them, but for the locals, it is one of the best feelings ever to sink their teeth into their favorite comfort food.

British Too Hooked On Comfort Food

In the British Isles, in particular, its cuisine has never been that popular, say, a lot of people prefer to eat Italian, French, or Asian cuisines while the remaining resolutely moored to their tiny isles, but, despite the unpopular image of British comfort food, it somehow reigned across many nations in the world and many describe it as their ultimate comfort food.

Experts say that it is because of how the British stuff potatoes in different shapes and forms and stuff meat into it and crust it with a tasty pastry shell, or dive into a custard-doused dessert that is very suitable for the nation’s cozy weather that all you want is to get hugged virtually with a warm and hearty meal.

So, are the British too hooked on comfort food? If you are not that familiar of the best British comfort food recipes, might as well continue reading this article and maybe, you might try one out today and feel the pleasure that lingers in your taste buds.

  • BRITISH ROAST LAMB LEG- Roasting meat is a Sunday family activity and feasting for many British across its many isles, in Great Britain, it is a tradition for the family to sit down and have lunch together that dates back many centuries ago and it is also an old custom to many households there. Lunch is usually highlighted with a tenderly roasted lamb leg that is bathed with different herbs and spices roasted to perfection and is usually paired with soft and delightful pudding.
  • FISH AND CHIPS- Who does not know this worldwide comfort food? The British fish and chips are the ultimate classic favorite of the British people that can be eaten in all seasons and all occasions. These fried fish fillets paired up with potato cutlets usually smothered with a delectable sour and cream sauce are perfect for outdoor eating. In fact, fish and chips have become a national institution so do not underestimate this simple yet very comforting fried dish.
  • CURRIES- Regardless if it is beef, lamb, or chicken curry, British secretly loves curries because of historical reasons. If you notice, there are a lot of Indian and Pakistani immigrants that are now living freely in the British Isles and their middle eastern culture highly influenced the British people especially when it comes to their food. Most Indian and Middle-eastern food usually contains curry, no wonder it has become one of their favorite comfort foods.