Adam Kutner- The Only Person In Las Vegas Who Fights For Your Rights

Join Attorney Adam S. Kutner is a personal injury member of the bar and always fights for the rights of accidental victims in Las Vegas. The accidental death of a loved one often results in a painful and a horrific experience. Adam Kutner and Associates specifically focus on these types of cases.

The attorneys give their best to help you through this tiresome legal process and help you to attain justice to your dear ones who is the victim of negligence, and that negligence can even cause the unimaginable. Adam S. Kutner and Associates are well experienced in these delicate cases. Mr. Kutner at his law office handles both startling and illicit types of death cases.

Under Nevada law, in different kinds of accidental death cases one can seek compensation from the insurance coverage in following situations.

Economic losses – It includes medical expenses related to the accident which caused death, funeral and burial expenses, allowances for lost wages and future earnings, health insurance payments and retirement savings.

Non-economic Losses – This compensation includes emotional stress felt by the remaining family members. Even though we can’t count life of a person in money because one would always prefer to have their loved ones back rather than the money.

Punitive Damages – this is a damage that is inflicted upon a responsible party as a form of punishment. This compensation is not applicable in all the cases.

Adam S. Kutner provides free consultation for families who have experienced accidental or wrongful death of their dear ones in Las Vegas. Mr. Kutner understands that how it feels when we experience death of our loved ones and it is very difficult time for surviving family members.

The prime goal of Adam S. Kutner and Associates is to help these family members get through these difficult times by providing compensation and aggressive representation.

Anyone who have lost their dear ones in an accident, then the firm encourages you to take an appointment with the office to review the case. It is a difficult decision, but the company has full patience and provides you advice for your rights as a surviving family member.