7 Tricks To Make Smart Business Meetings

Like all people, it is also extremely important to be smart in meetings. This is sometimes difficult, especially once you have begun to indulge in the daydreams of the next holiday, the next noon sleep or fried bacon. If this happens, it’s good to have some tricks in the backhand. Here are our ten favorite tricks to quickly get smart in meetings. Get more info.

Smart Business Meetings

  1. Draw a diagram

Standing up and drawing a diagram is an excellent way to work intelligently. It does not matter if your diagram is completely wrong. In fact, the wrong is the better. Even before you have put the marker back, your colleagues will be arguing about how the label looks like, how big the circles should be, etc. At this point, you can go back to your chair and continue playing Candy Crush on your phone.

  1. Transmit percentages in fractions

If someone says, “Approx. 25% of all users click on this button, “quickly insert:” So 1 of 4 and “make a note. All will nod in agreement, be deeply impressed, and envy your mathematical abilities.

  1. Encourage everyone to “remember the essentials”

There is a point in meetings where everyone has something to contribute, just not you. Opinions, data, and milestones are thrown back and forth and you have completely lost the overview. Here is the opportunity for the introduction: “People, can we remember the essentials?” All will turn to you and admire your ability to silence the voices. Add quickly: “What problem are we trying to solve here?” And you have given yourself another hour in which you have an intelligent mind.

  1. Nod permanently while you are doing as if you are making notes

You should always have a notepad with you. You will face rejection against technology with reverence. Take notes by simply writing a word of each sentence you hear. If someone asks you, if you make notes, quickly say that this is your personal notes and someone else should definitely record the meeting. You saved you from having to do extra work. Or any work at all if you’re really good.

  1. Repeat the engineer’s last remark, but quite slowly

Note the engineer in the room. Emboss his name. He will be silent about the majority of the meeting but then, when his moment has come, each of his utterances is of incredible brilliance. When he has proclaimed these divine words, you can repel: “Let me repeat this,” and repeat exactly what he just said, only quite, very slowly. Now his brilliance has passed to you. When people recall the meeting, they will mistakenly assign the intelligent utterance to you.

  1. Question Can you scale it? No matter what

It is important to find out if things can be scaled, no matter what is being discussed. Nobody really knows what that is supposed to be but it’s a great question that can get involved in all situations and drive the engineer into madness.

  1. Please ask the lecturer to return a slide

“Excuse me, could you go back a slide?” These are the six words that no lecturer would like to hear. It does not matter at which point of the presentation you call it, it makes you immediately more attentive than everyone else because they have clearly missed what you will now be brilliant. Have you nothing you can point to? Just say something like “I’m not sure what these numbers mean” and lean back. Now you’ll have the whole meeting smart. Get more info.