5 Reasons You Must Watch La La Land

Are you avidly into watching films? If so, you must have heard about ‘La La Land’, right? Haven’t you? Oh why! Well, none can be called a film buff if he or she hasn’t yet seen ‘La La Land.’ The well-known movie producer Bob Simonds in variety interview, very poetically discussed how a quality romantic movie is luxuriously nourished with romantic treasures and cinematic geniuses; quite satisfyingly La La Land possesses all of it! Since you are new to the world of ‘La La Land’, let’s reach out to the La La land and see what the land has in store!

An award winning movie, ‘La La Land’, is an American romantic musical comedy composed by Damien Chazelle. The city of Los Angeles is casted at the backdrop. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, Mia Dolan and Sebastian Wilder met over a truffle and eventually fall in love. But this is not the end. Unfortunately, the two love birds do not unite in a happy marriage. In between, both Mia and Sebastian land up in an argument and ends their relationship. Later, after 5 years, both Mia and Sebastian accidentally meet in a jazz bar. Mia is already settled in a family and Sebastian, having a successful band. What happens next? To know what follows after, watch ‘La La Land.’

Below are five most important reasons of why you should watch ‘La La Land’:

  1. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

The heroine, Mia Dolan is enacted by Emma Stone. She is a feather to the hat because professionally being an actress she acts out to be an aspiring actress in the film. Another aspect that needs mention is the way she dances and sings is worth commendable. Focusing on her in the movie will surely make you fall for her.

Ryan Gosling, Sebastian Wilder in the film, nailed it by playing wonderful piano like a pro. He spent months in learning piano. Had Gosling not been a part of the movie, the film would have lost the vibe that it has now. For all the young boys and girls out there, he is damn good looking!

  1. The script

After you watch the movie, you will definitely shout out to the screenplay writers then and there. You’ll automatically say ‘WOW!’ The on-screen chemistry and relationship developed between Mia and Sebastian was made so realistic that your jaw will literally drop. It’s the tight script that made both the actors look like real couples. A commendable work done by the casting department shows in Mia and Sebastian’s chemistry. You are sure to get lost in the movie.

  1. Music, dance and singing

Justin Hurwitz, a 32 year old composer, created the soundtrack and original songs for the film. The songs won the film the Golden Globes for Best Original Song and Best Original Score. Added to this is the original script by John Legend.

Tap dance and ballroom were the key dances in the film. As the film begins, you will find an opening number. This was shot in a freeway in Los Angeles. Think how tough it was to shoot the scene. So, kudos to the casting crew.

  1. Cinematography and its symbolism

During the planetarium scene and the car riding back home, the camera person has done an extravagant job. Coming to symbolism, the change in relationships is reflected by the change in seasons and the use of the word ‘winter.’ It’s so subtle!

  1. The ending

The movie ends on a note of romantic memories coming in as a flashback. The whole scene is emotional. As a whole, it is quite convincing.