4 Reasons That Managed Print Services Helps the IT Department

While it’s well documented that managed print services relieve issues such as printing security and high printing costs, many times it’s neglected to highlight the benefits that it has for the company’s IT infrastructure. It only seems fair considering they are the ones that have to network the computers. Let’s look at 4 specific benefits that print management provides for the IT department.

Reduce Tedious Print Management Tasks – The right managed print services will automate all the daily tasks that IT staff have to take care of such as print server maintenance, supporting users, printer set up and updating printer drivers. The time saved from these tedious tasks can be better spent on more important applications, making the IT department much more efficient.

Managed Print Services Helps the IT Department

Increase the Strategic Flexibility of the Department – As stated above, employing the right print management software frees much of the time the IT staff conventionally have to spend on “operational” tasks. Instead, the print management system allows for flexibility within the IT department and helps them implement better ways to reduce costs, increase end user efficiency and perform in a more environmentally conscious way.

Reduce Print Support Issues – Leaving printers without a centralized print management system leaves them vulnerable to many issues. Many companies experience difficulties such as slow networks, servers crashing or difficulties detecting issues before they arise.

Efficient Printer Networking – Almost any company that has multiple geographic locations often have issues networking efficiently. Since printers can often contribute significantly to the WAN traffic, it’s important that the wide area network is optimized properly.

The right print management aids companies in minimizing the WAN traffic which elevates the wide area network to perform smoothly.

While the benefits of managed print services are often overlooked, helping improve the operations of the IT department will likely result in increasing the efficiency of the overall company infrastructure as well.