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3 Must Have Items for Your Home Office

More of us are now working from home, either for ourselves or telecommuting for the company that we work for to save on traveling costs and overheads. To be able to work efficiently and be as productive in your home as in a traditional office environment, you need to have some essential items around you to get the job done.

Here are three must-have items for your home office setup. CA good quality PC or laptop is essential to enable you to work as efficiently as possible and to be able to do all the jobs that you would be able to do in an office environment.

If you are likely to be spending most of your time working at a desk rather than moving around or going to meetings, then a PC would probably be the most sensible choice. With a PC you can often get a good spec machine with fast processing speeds, good sized memory and a large easy to view screen, for less money than you can get an equivalent laptop for.

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Make sure that the PC you choose comes loaded with the usual office software that you are likely to need such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation tools such as PowerPoint.PrinterThere has been plenty of talk about a paperless office but the reality is that we all need to use a printer in an office environment so you might as well make sure that you get a good one that could do everything you need it to.

A wireless printer is a good idea as it gives you the flexibility to design your office and desk space without having to position the printer right next door to the PC. A good quality printer will also be more efficient and if you have to print out a presentation document or some sales literature then you want a printer that is capable of producing great looking high quality printed documents.

Shredder Being able to keep any business or personal paperwork you discard confidential is important when you are working from home and that is why a good shredder is an essential item for your home office.

If you are still relying on an older style shredder at home, then it is time to consider an upgrade to a newer one if you are going to be spending more time working from home and generating more paperwork that might need to be destroyed for confidentiality reasons.

The older style shredders separate paper into thin ribbons but they are not as secure as the new style versions which cross cut the strips into confetti and are basically impossible to recover or read once they have been destroyed by the shredder.

The average office worker uses amazing 10,000 sheets of paper a year so you need a shredder big and strong enough to cope with that sort of capacity, and having a better quality one will also mean that you spend less time feeding documents through as well.

Working from home can be very rewarding and give you a greater amount of flexibility, but to make the most efficient use of your time you need to make sure that you have all three of these essential items. Mark White is a mompreneur. He loves to write about working out of the home for entrepreneur blogs. Click to learn more about Phoenix Direct.